This beautiful yellow cape is an awesome work of art and patience. It was woven out of spider silk, specifically, the silk from more than one million Golden silk orb-weaver spiders:

“Textile expert Simon Peers and fashion designer Nicholas Godley [Godley & Peers] collaborated to create this stunning embroidered cape out of golden spider silk. Both residing in Madagascar, the two paired up to achieve a process that hadn’t been attempted for more than 100 years—they wanted to successfully harvest golden orb spider silk for weaving, and they were quite successful.

Working with a large team of more than 80 people, including spider handlers, they spent three years regularly searching the country’s landscape for golden orb spiders. When an individual spider was captured, it would be harnessed, and then milked to produce anywhere from 100-160 feet—sometimes even up to 400 yards—of thread, and then released back into nature. Peers and Godley estimate having milked approximately 1.2 million of these fascinating creatures.”

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More gorgeous non-traditional wedding kimono, from the same designer behind the peacock-feather uchikake.  I don’t remember it being nearly this easy to find equally non-traditional wedding dresses in the US.  (The designer’s site includes Western-style wedding dresses too… which are all basically giant frothy frilly strapless ballgowns, but just as colorful as the kimono.)


Alexander McQueen f/w 2010

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Sa Dingding

love her. you should listen to her music. her voice is just… :”O


‘VOGUE KOREA’ (2007)

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1940s inspired editorial-In the Mood for Vogue US

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